The Best Prices on Quality Premium Grade Fraser Firs

Choose Quality Fraser Fir Tree Farm For Your Christmas Trees

Perfect Christmas Tree

Check out the new prices for 2018. Bryan Hensley, owner of Quality Fraser Fir Tree Farm, has 40 years experience in the wholesale and retail sale of long lasting Fraser Fir Christmas tree business. Each year, Bryan  provides best quality premium Fraser fir trees, great service and great prices. We are conveniently located between Asheville, NC and Johnson City, TN on the way to Burnsville, NC.

The media has reported a shortage of Fraser Fir Trees this year.
We have plenty of premium Fraser fir trees in all sizes for your Christmas Tree. We hope to see you soon!

The Best North Carolina Fraser Fir Trees!

Our #1 Fraser fir trees meet or exceed Premium USDA standards. While all of our Fraser fir Christmas trees are exceptional in quality and make perfect Christmas trees! You will find that our North Carolina Fraser Fir Christmas trees are:

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  • Low maintenance easy to care for and long lasting
  • Unsurpassed needle retention
  • Forest freshness smell
  • Deep green color
  • Stately shape
  • Refreshing fragrance
  • Soft smooth needles
  • Elegant evergreen boughs